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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A new idea for preventing war

Preventing war in Iraq, a new proposal.

The following is a serious proposal that could avert war and change the conditions that brought us to the brink of war. Quixotic? Yes. Impossible? No. Workable, worth a try? Yes. This proposed "time out" would change the immediate power structure, break old alliances and demonstrate that the leaders really care about their nations. If the US and Iraq leaders truly want to avert this war, and prevent future wars started by Iraq and the USA, the leaders of both must make significant personal sacrifices. History shows us that in medieval Europe, rulers often exchanged their own children, thus guaranteeing no attacks on their lands and castles. Terrible deeds have been done by Hussein and devastating, perhaps not so obvious, deeds by Bush (refusal to sign the Kyoto agreement equals environmental destruction) (plans to start new nuclear weapons development). Both leaders should go into exile for five years, taking their top officers and all the families with them. What an example of true care for their citizens and the world! Elections should promptly be held in both countries and new governments installed. Each country should make specific changes: Iraq destroy all biological and possible nuclear weapons, USA should stop, permanently, any further nuclear weapons development and should sign the Kyoto agreement to stop our disproportional massive attack on the environment, which belongs to the whole world.

Ascension Island would be ideal quarantine place. This isolated but pleasant, tiny nation would profit from leasing land to the UN to create a very large compound in which both the Americans and Iraqi could live. The compounds would be guarded by UN forces, possibly the Canadians and the Russians. All communications would be screened for suitability. The Iraqi and American leaders and their families could socialize or not, the children could go to school and learn each others languages. Perhaps in this enforced retreat, away from their usual means of controlling their nations, new ideas and attitudes could develop. Meanwhile Iraq and the USA, could now put their energy into healing their environments, and dealing with social concerns.

Rosemary Loubal
Run dates: 2003-03-16 - 2003-03-30

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