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PG&E offers summer energy tips to customers, especially seniors

senior citizens and shut-ins are often more critical than those of
other consumers, especially during summer and early fall months when
temperatures can rise or fall dramatically.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company has a check list of daily and
monthly summer tips to help these special customers stay comfortable
and keep gas and electric costs down. This is especially important to
folks living on fixed incomes.

"We at Pacific Gas and Electric Company want to make sure that our
customers, especially seniors, are comfortable in their own homes or
apartments even on the hottest summer days or the coldest fall
nights," said Steve McCarty, manager of Customer Energy Management for
the utility. In addition to these tips, McCarty said customers may
call Pacific Gas and Electric Company's Smarter Energy Line at
1-800-933-9555 to ask questions or seek additional advice.

Here are Pacific Gas and Electric Company's daily tips for

-- Health permitting, keep the thermostat at 78 degrees or

-- Turn off or raise air conditioning to a warmer temperature
when away;

-- Close curtains, draperies or shades when possible to block the
sun's rays;

-- Use room fans to circulate air and increase comfort;

-- Avoid cooking, baking, and other indoor heat-producing
activities on hot days;

-- Run appliances or bake earlier in the morning when it is

-- Ventilate the house in the evenings or early morning when it
is cooler; and

-- Consider using fluorescent lighting and bulbs; they costs less
and create less heat.

Pacific Gas and Electric Company recommends doing the following on
a monthly basis:

-- Change or clean air conditioning unit filters;

-- Clear weeds and other debris away from the outside condensing

Additionally, seniors may want to consider using surge protectors
or power strips in the home. These affordable devices can be purchased
at most electronic stores to augment wall outlets and to guard against
electricity fluctuations.
Power strips can be used for any electrical device. Seniors who
opt for in-home medical care can use power strips to help ensure the
reliability of home health care devices. Look for the UL 1449 rating,
or better.
Today's announcement is part of Pacific Gas and Electric Company's
conservation awareness campaign, launched in May to encourage
customers to reduce their energy usage during hot days. Information on
the company's conservation and demand relief programs, such as E-Bid
and the Home Energy Survey are available on the web site
For more information about Pacific Gas and Electric Company, visit
our website at www.pge.com.

Run dates: 2000-07-06 - 2000-07-20

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