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Hear L & D Ministries on KECG

What is beautiful, provocative, gentle and yet, oh so powerful? Take a listen to KECG 88.1/97.7 FM every Sunday evening between the hours of 6:00 pm and 7:00pm (PST) or stream it at www.live365.com.

Introducing to the Bay Area, L & D Ministries. LaDonna and Denise-Danielle are L & D Ministries, Inc. Don’t be mistaken by the label, ‘ministry ’. They are by no means your typical ‘church ’ radio ministry. Audiences are stirred not only by the seldom seen ‘power ’ that these ladies present but it’s the pure love and passion for the Lord that catches people off guard and has them wanting more.

L & D Ministries brings freshness; passion and power to an arena that is normally passive when addressing personal, social and economic issues that are too often danced around during times of confusion and uncertainty. Collectively, their life experiences have led them from the choir to the pulpit; from the business fields of finance and technology; from retail sales to corporate boardrooms. Their discussions contain information and subject matters that are current and full in reality.

L & D have been featured at various Bay Area venues and across the nation. Using a combination of sophistication and flava, their conversations cross all cultural, ethnic, and social economic lines, just straight talk.

L & D’s peers have dubbed them as the ‘Divas of the Air Waves’ and ‘The Voices’. You won’t get so caught-up in their voices, as you will in the conversations and topics they discuss. L & D have their opinions, which makes for engaging dialogue, however, their opinions don’t always follow the status quo, which makes them controversial. Their show is called, “How Did I Get Here” which deals with ‘bottom-line’ issues, understanding that the dialogue for today is not just about questions and answers but it’s about talking, being heard and knowing that you are going in the right direction.

L & D are a dynamic duo both in sight and sound. So, take a listen and get ready to be informed, entertained and enlightened.

L & D on KECG 88.1/97.7 FM, El Cerrito, CA and online at www.live365.com, also visit www.l-dministries.org

KECG is the Bay's only multicultural, multilingual educational station. KECG is taking public radio to a new level of community involvement and interest. The West Contra Costa Unified School District, The Contra Costa County Office of Education, “ROP” Regional Occupational Program, community businesses, grants, and listener support underwrite KECG 88.1 FM. They also present the best in Jazz, Gospel, R&B, Talk and World Music programming.

"L & D Ministries

Run dates: 2003-04-22 - 2003-05-04

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