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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Two separate districts - high school and elementary

How many of the correspondents on the current discussion re: budget cuts are high school families? Probably not many. High School families have distinctly different interests than elementary families. The district is too big, many of us agree, and one solution might be to create two districts from this humongous, unmangeable one.

The main recommendation I have is creating two separate school districts. One would be called the West Contra Costa Unified Elementary School District and the other would be called the West Contra Costa Unified High School District. The interests of the two are distinctly separate.

There are many examples of separate high school districts in this state. My niece and nephew both graduated from a High School District in Sunnyvale. Those high schools operate at a much higher level than our high schools in the WCCUSD. This might be the time to consider separating the district into a High School District and an elementary district.

Rebecca Hazlewood
Run dates: 2003-06-06 - 2003-06-20

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