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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Unsafe streets in El Cerrito

Yes, we need our streets repaved but did El Cerrito settle for lowest bid
with long duration? Carlson Blvd was grated on 8/14. It's still grated
and posted sign now says it won't be finished until 9/10. It shouldn't
take this long to do electrical/pave. Due to traffic /centrifugal force,
there are many rocks in the right hand lane. My car was in the driveway
and has a cracked windshield due to one of these rocks., I'm constantly
finding rocks in my driveway. Carlson is a prime candidate for a major
vehicle accident due to the rough grated road/rocks especially since it's a
busy street with buses and cars speeding by. It was better my broken
windshield than a pedestrian being hit in the face with a rock or a vehicle
accident. This street should have been repaved days ago. Instead, the
city has multiple streets they are working on at the same time. Sweep the
rocks weekly. I'm sure someone (hey Mayor or City Council) can do
something to rectify this safety hazard asap and get that street repaved.
Predictable is preventable; let's make Carlson safe now!

Rochelle Kohl

Run dates: 2003-08-28 - 2003-09-12

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