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KQED receives $3 million bequest from El Cerrito residents

KQED is the recipient of a $3 million bequest from the trust of long-time El Cerrito residents Henry H. and Sally E. Riklin.

On Dec. 14, 1999, Harry W. Bergland, Jr., Richmond CPA and trustee of the Riklin Trust, presented the check to KQED President and CEO Mary Bitterman at the offices of KQED. The Riklins directed these funds to the KQED Endowment, the income of which will benefit KQED and its viewers and listeners for generations to come.

Dr. Riklin’s friends, family, and patients remember him fondly for his gentle and caring nature. Sally Riklin was a painter and sculptor who died in 1993. Like his wife, Dr. Riklin was a great arts enthusiast. Before his death this March at the age of 88 years, Dr. Henry Riklin (“Rik” to his friends and family) believed strongly in the mission of public broadcasting.

Bergland, as Dr. Riklin's long time financial adviser, noted that: "Dr. Riklin was a great fan of KQED and took satisfaction from knowing that through this gift to KQED, he and Sally could benefit so many people in Northern California." Dr. Riklin loved to watch PBS programs like The Newshour with Jim Lehrer and The McLaughlin Group. A faithful viewer of Wall $treet Week, Dr. Riklin was said to never leave his home on Friday night so as not to miss his favorite business program on KQED TV9.

Dr. Riklin studied at the Mayo Clinic, the Oxner Clinic, and the Wills Eye Clinic. A dedicated medical doctor for over 50 years, he made house calls right up until his retirement, and often waived his fee for patients who couldn’t pay. As a family doctor in Contra Costa County, for several years he delivered more babies than any doctor in the county. As early as the 1940s, he began telling his patients to quit smoking. A member of the Army Medical Corps during World War II, Dr. Riklin served his country and his community as a humanitarian caregiver. KQED is grateful to the Riklins for their loyal support over the years and honored to be the principal beneficiary of their trust.

KQED, Inc. operates KQED TV9, KQED 88.5FM, and the KQED Education Network (EdNet), which provides an instructional television service, curriculum materials, and projects for youth; offers family workshops and professional development for teachers and childcare providers; and organizes local events.

Run dates: 1999-12-25 - 2000-01-14

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