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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Open letter to Glenn Davis

Dear Glenn, we just read your second letter on the tree/view issue. Perhaps we can agree that both sides coukl do better in this controversy if we find possible areas of compromise.
I would really like to visit your home and see how your view is affected, and then possibly talk to the neighbors whose trees are responsible. I would come as a private resident (i.e. not as this year's chair of Park & Rec.) and bring my husband. We would of course reciprocate, and invite you to see our view and trees.
I should add that we have planted about twenty trees, all I believe under 20 feet tall or less, and pay for bi-annual tree trimming. We would have a bit of a Golden Gate view, but that is blocked by neighbors' Moonterey Pines. In our case we don't mind, but I can imagine circumstances where we might. When we lived in Berkeley, we did ask neighbirs to thin their trees, and contributed to the cost.
Once neighbors are in conflict and have rubbed each other the wrong way, it is hard to avoid a feud. But at this stage, there may be a chance we could defuse the conflict. You seem to speak for a lot of like-minded folks. We too, are active in our group.
Rosemary Loubal
Run dates: 2003-09-21 - 2003-10-05

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