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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Another Bush policy that needs to change


An editorial in the Nov 17 West County Times stated, "One of the most dysfunctional policies of the Bush administration is its ethanol program," and concluded with the statement, "This is a policy that needs to be changed."

I agree completely and want to call attention to yet another dysfunctional policy of the Bush administration that appeared in an article on page A14 of the same edition under the headline, "FBI won't flag terror suspects who buy guns."

This story describes the situation in which Attorney General Ashcroft has directed the FBI to not disclose the names of suspects on the terrorist watch list who successfully purchase guns in this country. However, if the purchase is blocked for any reason, the names of these suspects may be released.

This is the same Attorney General who, under the Patriot Act, can obtain lists of books that people check out of a library or buy from a book store and prevent the library or bookstore from informing the people involved that these lists have been obtained.

Have we all fallen into Alice's rabbit hole and landed in a world in which our FBI can not investigate suspected terrorists who buy guns in America, but can investigate citizens who read or buy certain books? This is another Bush policy that needs to be changed.

Or maybe it is President Bush who needs to be changed.

Al Miller
El Cerrito
Run dates: 2003-11-22 - 2003-12-04

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