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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Our crumbling infrastructure

Another rainy season. Another round of street flooding. Every time it rains my wife and I watch the streets in horror as the water flows over the curb. We look into the 2am rain filled darkness wondering if someone parked in front of our house or the uphill houses diverting the water over the curb in violent torrents tearing out our landscaping and roaring through our house. We call the El Cerrito public works regularly now. I almost have the number memorized. I'll give them credit for all the sand bags they provide and have dropped off. All for the rain that the same department claims the current storm water system is adequate for. Seems paradoxical to me. If the system was adequate why should we need to sand bag every time it rains? And constantly chase away people from parking in front of our house? And watching the creeks fill to capacity and regularly overflow their banks? And watch neighbors chase their run away sandbags down Barrett Ave....We made a claim for a retaining wall that was destroyed in a storm last year , which was rejected but the claim manager for the city urged us to keep working with the city to find a solution to a problem that doesn't, in the learned opinion of El Cerrito's department of public works, exist.

George McRae

Run dates: 2004-01-14 - 2004-01-28

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