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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Bush must be defeated! Part III

Bush Must Be Defeated!
Part III
The Lying Liars, The Bush Administrative Team
by Hugh Kelley
edited by Jim Young

Note: Hugh Kelley is a wise and prosperous octogenarian. His life experiences have given rise to great concern about the future of the Republic and contemporary understanding of Christian moral thinking, especially the liberal Christian tradition, because of the actions and pronouncements of George W. Bush, his administration in Washington DC and his most vocal supporters throughout the country. In Part I Hugh described the destructive affect of the Bush family vendetta against Sadam Hussein, i.e. the War in Iraq, on ethical governance and on national security. In Part II Hugh commented on the tattering of national environmental protection and health care under the guise of reform, and, how that tattering benefits the wealthy and powerful at the expense of ordinary Americans.. In Part III Hugh will consider the “lying liars”, the Bush administrative team and its primary agenda. Here, Hugh Kelley’s comments might be considered on a “Veteran to veteran” level as both he and President Bush are military veteran. Kelley was a destroyer seaman in the Pacific during WWII surviving both the war and the kamikaze attacks on the fleet at the Battle of Okinawa. President Bush survived the Vietnam War in, and possibly out of, the Texas Air National Guard. JSY.


Ashcroft with the infamous “Patriot Act” goes way overboard in jailing American and other citizens without charges, with secret tribunals and without access to attorneys at Guantánamo. (A dodge because it is presumably outside the jurisdiction of U.S. laws. This is now an issue before the Supreme Court.) Proposals would allow secret wiretaps in our homes and could include mailmen, utility companies and library records being made available for spying on us, the reintroduction of Cold War style domestic spying on US citizens. Give up our freedoms to be kept safe? This is a constitutional menace!


Cheney continues to stonewall GAO’s repeated demands for minutes of secret meetings with energy companies, including Enron, to set national energy policy. (This withholding of the public record is also before the Supreme Court.) “Democracies die behind closed doors” The FERC’s inaction, possibly with the collusion of the Vice President and White House, led to California being ripped off for billions of dollars as Enron was allowed to route electricity from California to outside the State, further aggravating California energy supplies and causing much higher local spot prices for California electricity.
Tax Cuts

Record federal surpluses were wiped out by huge tax cuts including one for 1.3 trillion dollars. The Bush tax cuts disproportionately benefit the rich. Half of this “tax relief” program ($650 Billion) goes to the wealthiest 5% of Americans while 8.1 million citizens in the bottom half of the income bracket receive an average of about $300 a year. The Social Security surplus (presumably safe in a “locked box”) will be used up every year. The prescription drug benefit is limited to 400 billion dollars (or less), creates a huge gap in coverage for which seniors must pay. This gap results directly from the huge tax cuts which limit funds available for social programs.

The Middle East

The Administration’s lopsided support of Israel over the Palestinians is grossly unfair and contributes greatly to Middle Eastern instability. American constant financial support has built up for Israel the fourth most powerful military machine on earth, contributing to Israeli arrogance. We continue sending Israel billions of dollars each year, even as they ignore U.S. and U. N. requests to stop building settlements in the West Bank and the “wall”. Three times as many Palestinians are killed as Israelis. The Palestinians respond with despicable inhuman suicide bombings.


Pressured by industrialists, Bush refused to ratify the Kyoto anti-global warming protocol to decrease greenhouse gases. The Administration said, “We need more study.” The attempt to revise the Clean Air Act to allow polluting power plants to spew more CO² and toxic chemicals into the air, thankfully, was withdrawn. The proposed trade-off of pollution credits will not really solve the problem. The Administration also refused to:
Ø Join other nations to prohibit land mines.
Ø Ignored the World Court.
Ø Obstructed the International Criminal Court, and;
Ø Helped to sabotage the recent economic conference in South Africa to ameliorate poverty.
These arrogant “go-it-alone” policies including Iraq have made the USA widely hated. This “America only” foreign policy ignores the rules of international partnership even thought the Administration is now having to swallow its pride by seeking UN/Nato participation in Iraq.

Devastating Behavior

And as we have learned from Paul O’Neill and others, the Bush Administration has repeatedly lied to U.S. Can our precious country survive four more years of this devastating behavior?

* * *

No doubt Bush is a strong leader as his leadership after 9/11 demonstrated. This should not blind us to the fact that this extremist is leading us in the wrong directions. (Other strong but misguided leaders were Napoleon, Stalin, and Hitler.) Politics have replaced sound judgments on issues such as steel tariffs and a global warming. No other administration in our entire history has instituted so many egregious policies that favor the rich and large corporations to the detriment of the average citizen. The above facts add up to a very strong case for getting rid of Bush before it is too late. Let’s get out the word and get out the vote! This guy is a danger to America!

Hugh Kelley
Kensington, CA

Run dates: 2004-03-17 - 2004-04-01

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