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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Time for a truce to enjoy the tree view

Time for a Truce,

to Enjoy the View…

of the Trees.

I haven’t kept up with the Tree/View wars, or if you prefer, the View/Tree wars.

Having previously staked out the irrational position that you can have both views and trees, this is the weekend to prove it in spades.

This is the weekend, one or two which happen each spring, in which El Cerrito/Kensington‘s Akebono’s are at their most resplendent. Akebono is short for Prunus serrulata “Akebono”, one of many of the named varieties of Japanese flowering cherry trees. There are lots of flowering cherries along the Arlington and its well worth a drive, or better yet a walk, to see them in their flowering splendor. And when you pass by 1431 Arlington, you will be looking at what I think is the most beautiful tree in El Cerrito.

This magnificent Akebono, at 50+ years old, is very slightly higher than the home it graces and half as wide. It doesn’t need rigorous, expensive pruning because that’s the way an Akebono grows. Of course it’s a flowering cherry tree so it doesn’t set messy fruit that has to be cleaned up. And next fall, if we have a good cold snap in late October, its jade green leaves will turn brilliant orange. Then the leaves fall off, and any curmudgeon neighbor that has been upset about a missing view can see it through the very aesthetic lattice of cherry tree branches. Does it get any better than this?

As long as you are willing to have the tripartite, politically incorrect point of view that:

All trees are not created equal;
All trees are not all good, and;
All trees are not all bad;
You will find many trees that can enrich the environment beyond measure, with little or no inconvenience to others. They probably won’t prevent global warming or suppress the noise of the passing 7 or H bus, but it won’t matter.


Jim Young

El Cerrito del Norte

Run dates: 2004-03-17 - 2004-04-01

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