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Adams School calendar week of April 5


Wednesday, April 7th: WCCUSD Board Meeting, 6:30 LaVonya DeJean Middle School (I think, please check the school board website

Monday, April 12th Friday, April 17th: Spring break

Check the Homework Hotline at http://www.wccusd.k12.ca.us/adams/teachers.html

Parents who are interested in working on Measure B (the June 8 mail-in parcel tax for counselors, libraries, sports and more) can volunteer or just get more information at: http://www.yesonb.com/index.htm

The school district also provides answers to your Measure B questions at:

Find out how a mail-in ballot works:

Main office - (510) 235-5464
Attendance Office - (510) 235-0281
PTA Voice Message System - (510) 464-1360, ext 70
Ms. Trevino, 6th grade counselor & English Learner students - 235-0278
Ms. Persons, 7th grade counselor - 235-0193 (now on maternity leave)
Ms. Lori Nardone is the new 7th grade counselor until Ms. Persons returns.
Ms. Mitchell, 8th grade counselor - 235-0153

Valerie Bryant
PTA President, Adams Middle School
Run dates: 2004-04-06 - 2004-04-11

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