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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: School Site Council also supports preserving memorabilia

This is to let Al Miller know that the ECHS School Site Council (SSC) dealt with this issue, both in 2002-2003 and in 2003-2004. The SSC's position was exactly that of Mr. Miller's. Every attempt should be made to preserve all the memorabilia around the school, that has been donated by previous alumni classes.

Mr. Rhea assured us that every effort would be made to preserve our historical memorabelia. We have benches, signs, picnic tables and many other things donated by previous classes. We should not let the history of El Cerrito High School be demolished along with the original 1938 art deco facade, which by the way, some school districts such as Berkeley and San Francisco, have chosen to preserve in their schools built at that time.

I would also like to mention that behind the main school building is an original art deco shop building. I was at a candidates meeting last Friday night, in which it was mentioned that a goal is to bring back vocational programs to the high schools. I simply cannot understand how the district can ever replace the shop building at ECHS that would be as utilitarian as the current shop building is. Nor do I even know if the current construction plans include a shop of any kind. A few braces seem to me would secure the shop building against earthquakes. And, again it is a superb example of a 30's art deco industrial building.

I want to thank Mr. Miller for bringing this to attention of the public.

Rebecca Hazlewood
Chairperson, SSC 2003-2004
Run dates: 2004-10-12 - 2004-10-30

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