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Meeting July 24 on arts in El Cerrito

1900 International MarketPlace, San Pablo, CA., 94806
(510) 236-3255; fax (510) 236-3068
e-mail: CCandC_97@yahoo.com

We’ll have a meeting to discuss how to get money for the arts and an arts/cultural commission (or committee, or whatever) for El Cerrito. This will include some very general planning and brainstorming connected with how we would expect such money for the arts to be spent. (City Council members have asked us to explain what, in general, the money would go for.)

Please attend if at all possible. We only plan to have about 3 of these meetings between now and January (when we will be bringing the matter before the council again). This first meeting will be on Monday, July 24 starting at 7pm at the home of Eve Ma: 1355 Arlington, El Cerrito (between Moeser and Potrero, 3 blocks north of Arlington Park).

Please RSVP to Eve Ma (234-4003; 236-3255) or Arlin Robins (527-5303) so we know about who to expect. Also, feel free to bring along additional people you think might be appropriate. Thanks!

Run dates: 2000-07-18 - 2000-07-24

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