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Former West County teacher releases romance novel

A Promise to Keep, a romantic suspense by Kathe Gogolewski writing under the pen name of Ann Durand, was released from Double Dragon Publishing Saturday, February 5th.

In the story, the tidy world of schoolteacher Karen Hudson turns upside down as she embarks on a reckless chase from a small town in California to a jungle in Mexico, searching for the truth about the man who has captured her heart. The day after Michael Browning professes his undying love for her, he vanishes. Then she learns he is wanted for murder. Stunned and disbelieving, she sets out on a dangerous quest to unravel the mystery, making her the next target for murder.

A Promise to Keep is a first novel for Kathe Gogolewski, who taught school in the West County School District for fifteen years. She recently retired from teaching school, moved south to Oceanside, and now divides her time in front of both the keyboard and the chalkboard. After teaching third and fourth grade for fifteen years, Kathe is currently teaching science on Fridays to fourth and fifth graders as a volunteer at Lake Elementary in Vista. Other days of the week find her plunking away in front of her computer, creating stories for both children and adults. Her fantasy adventure for middle grade readers, TATO, is due in November from Wings ePress in both print and ebook formats.

In addition, Kathe’s poetry and short stories have appeared in Jacobyte Books, Penwomanship, and Storyteller Magazine. She has won first place for her short story, “The Message,” with Storyteller Magazine. During her tenure as a teacher, she wrote extensive curriculae for her former school district, as well as proposals resulting in substantial grants. Kathe is currently working on a romance sci fi, soon to be complete.

A Promise to Keep is available in ebook format at http://www.double-dragon-publishing.com or learn more about Kathe’s books at http://www.TRI-Studio.com Piers Anthony says “Double Dragon is one of the best, if not THE best, of the electronic publishers.”

Run dates: 2005-02-22 - 2005-03-02

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