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City considering fate of "No Parking on School Days" signs

The city is looking into whether it should replace or simply remove aging "No Parking on School Days" signs. The signs extend along King and Contra Costa Drives to well south of Moeser Lane. They were installed 35 to 45 years ago. Paired with a white line near the edge of the street, they are intended to provide a safe walking space to school in areas where there is no sidewalk.

The signs are now badly deteriorated and many cannot be read or are blocked by vegetation. A resident has contacted the city, asking that the signs either be replaced if they serve a purpose, or removed.

The city intends to contact Madera School for input about what should be done, according to a Jan. 6 report from Gerry Raycraft, the city's community development director. The report notes that discussion about 10 years ago of removing the signs and lines was dropped because the suggestion generated controversy, but says replacing the signs could be a "significant expense" to the city because so many signs and poles would have to be replaced.

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