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LETTER TO EDITOR: Greetings from former resident Robert Dean Wood

If it is or ever was ... it's on the net. Finding your web site sure brought back memories ....

I lived there 1931 to 1941. I went to Stege school, Longfellow Jr. High and Richmond High. I remember teachers' names at Stege: Engles, Huff and McNuttel, the principal. At Longfellow, the shop teacher, Mr. Johnson; at Richmond High, B.X.Tucker.

I lived at 5700 Potrero; the number was later changed to 6600.
I remember Baroni's Bakery that later became Polonie's, I had a crush on Angela Palonie.

Other names I recall, Jimmy and Joe Marchello, George Bardon, Larry Fagen, Gus Capellus, Casperina, Casperinia.

I was a soda jerk and delivery boy for Moore' Drug Store on San Pablo Ave. George and Steve Moore owned the store. Wow! I'm surprised I remember so many people and places.

I caddied at the Berkeley Country Club. For carrying a single bag 3 miles around the course I got 50 cents and sometimes a 10 cent tip.

I married Barbara Roberts; she was 18 and I 19. Then it was off to the U.S.Army. I served at Letterman Hospital in S.F., trained troops at Fort Lewis and served in the Pacific ending up being assigned to the 42nd General Hospital in Tokyo, Japan.

I now live in Pleasanton, California. If any of those mentioned above I'd sure like to hear from them.


Thanks again for your web site,

Robert DEAN Wood
Run dates: 2005-11-16 - 2006-01-16

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