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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Term limits about new blood, not Abelson's worth

Dear Editor:

There seems to be a movement afoot to make the issue
of two term limit a referendum on Janet Abelson rather
than what it really is: an attempt to bring new city
council members into the process.

One would hope that should Janet not be on the City
Council for a third term that she would continue her
volunteer activities. I don't think anyone is saying
that they don't want Janet to continue her community
service in El Cerrito. As the editor of this
distinguised forum pointed out in her letter to the
Journal of Friday, July 14th, Ms. Abelson has
contributed to this community in a variety of
capacities, not just the City Council.

But, to try and make this either a referendum on Ms.
Abelson or a bid by oldtimers to keep things the way
they've always been misses the boat on this issue.
Keeping things the way they've alway been would be to
have the same old people on the council year in and
year out. Look at our neighbor, the City of Richmond,
as an example of that, where no unofficial term limit
is in place and look at the City of Richmond!

The two term limit encourages people to run (usually
individuals who have served on city commissions ergo
gathering experience in El Cerrito city government)
because they are not up against some entrenched long
time power establishment that works like dogs and
spends an arm and a leg to keep from being replaced.
It allows for a healthy integration of citizens into
the political process.

Rebecca Hazlewood

Run dates: 2006-07-16 - 2006-08-01

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