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Democratic Club lists endorsements

The El Cerrito Democratic Club has conducted two Candidates Nights and its endorsement meeting on the propositions that will appear on the November 7 ballot.

Seven of the eight WCCUSD Board candidates; all four candidates for El Cerrito City Council; all five candidates for the Kensington PP & CSD Board; one of the two EBRPD Ward 1 candidates and the only EBMUD Ward 4 Candidate participated in these events. CCC Supervisor John Gioia presented Measures L & M and answered questions on these county initiatives.

ECDC has endorsed the following candidates:
Antonio Medrano for WCCUSD Board
Sandi Potter for El Cerrito City Council
Bill Wright for the Kensington PP &CSD Board
Nancy Skinner for EBRPD, Ward 1 (JEan Siris's old seat)
Andy Katz for EBMUD Ward 4

ECDC Members took the following positions on the Propositions:

Prop 1A No Position
Prop 1B No Position
Prop 1C YES
Prop 1D YES
Prop 1E YES
Prop 83 NO
Prop 84 YES
Prop 85 NO
Prop 86 No Position
Prop 87 YES
Prop 88 No Position
Prop89 YES
Prop 90 No

CCC Measure L YES
CCC Measure M YES

ECDC also endorsed all of the Democratic candidates for state offices; Loni Hancock for re-election in California Assembly District 14; Representative Ellen Tauscher for re-election in Congressional District 10 and Sen Dianne Feinstein for re-election to the U.S. Senate.
Run dates: 2006-09-03 - 2006-11-07

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