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Voiceover class July 16

Premier Voice-Over Company Teaches Tricks of Voice-Over Trade

West Contra Cotsta Adult Education hosts Such A Voice for course on the voice-over industry!

SaVoa accredited voice-over artist & professional producer Heather Costa (Playtex, Prentice Hall, ETS) will be teaching an introductory course on Thursday July 16, 2009 at Alvaredo campus from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. “You’re On The Air…How to Really Make It In Voice-Overs,” is a course designed to help students gain awareness and knowledge of the growing industry. For more information regarding enrollment visit www.wccae.info or call (510)-215-4666 x 203.

Voice-overs can be heard anywhere, from movie trailers to the adult cartoon “The Family Guy.” From the average voice to the exaggerated voice, the ability to enter into this field has been increased by the advancement of affordable home studio equipment and higher demand for voice-overs in technology and internet applications.

Topics covered in the class include: basic voice-over technique, how to get started in the industry, differences between commercial and narration work, advantages and disadvantages of joining a union, home studios, creating and marketing a demo. Every student in the class will also have an opportunity to step up to the microphone to do some practice recording, and hear the results before they leave.

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SaVoa accredited voice-over artist, coach & producer Heather Costa and her company, Such A Voice, offer training seminars on voice-overs throughout the country. Founded in 1989 by Tony Award Nominee & Clio Award Winning Producer, Dan Levine; Such A Voice provides voice technique training, network quality demo production, and modern marketing strategies designed to help individuals become successful in the voice-over industry.

Run dates: 2009-06-28 - 2009-07-16

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