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ELECTION: Write-in candidate files for Congressional seat

Provided by candidate's campaign:

Alamo, August 3, 2009 - With four weeks left till the Special Election and calling her campaign a long-shot, Tiffany Estrella Attwood, known as the "Soccer Mom," filed as a "write-in" candidate for California's 10th Congressional District. "While we were filing the candidacy papers to be put on the ballot, the County Elections Clerk informed me that I was five days short of being an eligible Democratic Candidate" says Attwood. "I've been an undeclared voter since I was 18 but always voted Democrat." According to the Elections Department, there are roughly 49,500 "Declined to State" voters within Contra Costa alone.

"Over the past few weeks I've really been urged by the Latino and Filipino community to give them a voice in this election. Essentially, there's a demographic of people that believe their issues aren't being addressed" states Attwood. Currently, Attwood is the only woman to run with Latino, Filipino, American Indian and Portuguese ancestry. "Tiffany is the epitome of Multi-Culture in America," states her Campaign Manager for Congress. "When you look at her heritage, you can't help saying, "Hey, isn't that the Melting-Pot Mom?"

Run dates: 2009-08-06 - 2009-09-01

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