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Not Jewish Enough? Dec. 18

Jewish Gateways presents: Not Jewish Enough?
Hanukah Sheds New Light on This Question!

DATE/TIME: Friday, December 18 6:15pm-9:00pm

LOCATION: Jewish Gateways 409 Liberty Street El Cerrito, CA, 94530 510-559-8140 http://www.jewishgateways.org/

COST/REGISTRATION: First-time participants, potluck contribution or $7, RSVP required. http://www.jewishgateways.org/node/155/signup

MORE INFO: Website: http://www.jewishgateways.org/events/2009/dec/18/not-jewish-enough-hanukah-sheds-new-light-question
Email: rabbibridget@jewishgateways.org
Phone: 510-559-8140
Contact: Rabbi Bridget Wynne

DESCRIPTION: Who is "Jewish enough"? Who is "too Jewish"? And who decides? Like us, the Jews of 2,000 years ago struggled to draw boundaries between Jewish and not Jewish, between being distinctively Jewish vs. assimilating into an attractive and welcoming mainstream culture. That's what the story of Hanukah is about. Join us to explore our identities, Jewish, not-Jewish, or not-sure, in light of the Hanukah story, and to enjoy a delicious, no-experience-necessary Shabbat dinner, on Friday, December 18.
All are welcome!
Childcare free by reservation.

About Jewish Gateways: Are you seeking connections to Jewish life and community? Do you want to explore Jewish identity in an open environment? Jewish Gateways is here to help. We welcome wandering or wondering Jews & non-Jews, singles, couples, & families, those in interfaith & multiracial relationships, Jews-by-Choice, adult children of interfaith families, members of the LGBT community, & people of color.

Run dates: 2009-12-06 - 2009-12-18

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