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El Cerrito Trail Trekkers forms to preserve, restore paths

El Cerrito Trail Trekkers forms
Group will preserve and restore El Cerrito’s paths

El Cerrito’s forgotten paths won’t remain forgotten for long. On Thursday, July 15, 30 people came together to revitalize this small city’s surprisingly large network of paths, pedestrian and bicycle walkways, and hillside steps.

The goal is to bring greater attention to the trails that are currently usable, and to restore those that have been overgrown or, in a few cases, blocked by fences or shrubbery.

Members of the group, El Cerrito Trail Trekkers, will soon probe city records, survey the trails, and lead trail hikes and other events.

The meeting, sponsored by the city’s Environmental Quality Committee and El Cerrito Historical Society, was held at city hall.

Charlie Bowen, the lead trail builder for the Berkeley Path Wanderers, described how that organization has succeeded in restoring dozens of trails in Berkeley.

The El Cerrito group will begin by determining where trails and other city or other publicly-owned right-of-way is located. Trail hikes and other events will be held to publicize the paths and increase usage.

The goal is to produce a map and printed and online guides to the paths, and to restore those that have disappeared.

For information contact Dave Weinstein, 510-524-1737, davidsweinstein@yahoo.com. A draft list of trails and possible trails can be found at www.el-cerrito.org/esd/pdf/el-cerrito-trail-list.pdf.

Run dates: 2010-07-19 - 2010-08-19

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