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Group interested in arts in El Cerrito meets Sept. 25

A meeting of people interested in promoting the arts
and culture in El Cerrito is scheduled for Monday,
Sept. 25 at 7pm. This meeting is open to any
interested parties, and is targeted towards anyone who
lives and/or works in El Cerrito. The meeting will be
held at 1355 Arlington in El Cerrito; 1355 Arlington
is north of Moeser Lane near Arlington Park. For
details, call Eve A. Ma at 236-3255 (work number) or
Arlin Robins at 527-5303. Both Arlin Robins and Eve
Ma are involved in the arts and are residents of El

In May and June of this year, encouraged by Mayor Mark
Friedman, a number of interested citizens attended
City Council meetings and especially, budgetary
sessions, requesting that the city allocate money for
the arts and that the city also establish some kind of
a body for the promotion of the arts and culture.

Although the City Council at that time did not either
allocate money or establish an arts and culture
advisory body, several Council members suggested they
would be interested in knowing more specifics about
what was being requested. Councilman Larry Damon, for
example, noted that if interested El Cerritans came up
with at least a rudimentary plan, the City Council
might look more favorably on the requests at the
mid-session budgetary discussions in January. Other
Council members seemed similarly inclined.

As a result of the City Council's suggestions and of
the strong need felt by many El Cerritans for the city
to involved itself in and provide some funding for the
arts and culture, a public meeting was called in July
to discuss some of the possibilities and issues.

The meeting scheduled for Monday, Sept. 25 is a
follow-up of the July meeting. Minutes of the July
meeting have been circulated by surface mail and
e-mail to many people, and copies of these minutes
will be available at the Sept. 25 meeting. If you
would like a copy mailed to you, please let us know by
calling Celebrating Culture & Community at 236-3255.

Finally, one thing clear from the July meeting is that
there is a strong desire to include as many groups as
possible, and to use the arts and culture for the
benefit of the city and its residents. So--feel free
to join us!

--Eve Ma
Run dates: 2000-09-15 - 2000-09-25

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