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Pro Measure A material





The El Cerrito community is coming together to finally address longstanding infrastructure needs by putting Measure A on the March 7, 2000 ballot by a unanimous vote of the City Council.

Measure A’s passage will affirm that we are a City moving forward together—not a City in decline. Passing this measure is important to preserve and increase El Cerrito property values by making El Cerrito an inviting and attractive community for all age groups.

For the first time in recent years every major political group in the City has reached consensus and enthusiastically supports Measure A. Why?

Because Measure A will:

Raise a total of $5.3 million over 20 years at a cost of less than $5 a month per home.

Set a fixed rate of a maximum $58 a year per house for immediate infrastructure and recreational needs. The measure will sunset after 20 years, but the facilities that it funds will be around far longer.

Renovate a deteriorating Swim Center that has served our community well for 40 years. The new Swim Center master plan will ensure that swim center programs continue and are expanded, serving all ages of our population for another 40 years.

Restore park clubhouses at Canyon Trail, Huber, Harding and Poinsett Parks and give seniors, scouts, people with disabilities, children and adults wonderful places to gather and learn. These clubhouses have been closed for years due to seismic and safety hazards.

Create a designated infrastructure fund out of existing revenue to be used primarily for street repair, seismic upgrades to public facilities, and preparing for fires and disasters. This fund will not require you to pay any additional taxes.

Please join many of your neighbors in building our community for our children, grandchildren and future generations. Investing in Measure A will begin the process of repairing the infrastructure of El Cerrito and allow us all to move forward together.


Endorsed by:

Partial list

El Cerrito Citizens Alliance

El Cerrito Democratic Club

Kensington Area Republican Women, Federated

League of Women Voters

Board of Education, WCCUSD

Castro Elementary School PTA

El Cerrito High School PTA

Fairmont Elementary School PTA

Harding Elementary School PTA

Kensington Elementary School PTA

Madera Elementary School PTA

Portola Middle School PTA

Windrush School Parent Association

Kensington Educational Fund

El Cerrito Professional Firefighters Association

Service Employees International Union, Local 790

Contra Costa Civic Theatre

El Cerrito/Albany Access

El Cerrito Committee on Aging

El Cerrito Gators Swim Team

El Cerrito Historical Society

El Cerrito Park & Recreation Commission

Friends of the El Cerrito Library

Sil Addiego
Jane Bartke
Ken Berndt
Willie Bradford
Pat and Brad Caftel
Edward Canepa
Joan Carpenter
Pam Challinor
Ed Chan
Jim Chooi
Marge and Marvin Collins
Marsha and Joe Conwill
Glenn Davis
Mark Figone
Jack Freethy
Michael Gonzalez
Joseph Grossman
John Hogan
Michele Jawad
Britt Johnson
Norman La Force
Sharlene Loretz
Blythe Lucero
Pat and Steve Magyary
Dick Mank
Al Miller
Letitia Moore
Brenda and Guy Navellier
Joyce and Verne Odlin
Bea O'Keefe
Gary Pokorny
Glen Price
Arthur Schroeder
Jean and Will Siri
Dan Smith
Thom Stark
Kevin Stong
Richard Takahashi
Don West
Christina Benitez Wilcox
Kirby Wilcox
Susan and Harvey Wittenberg
Jensen Wong
Mark Friedman, mayor of El Cerrito
Janet Abelson, El Cerrito City Council
Gina Brusatori, El Cerrito City Council
Larry Damon, El Cerrito City Council
Kathleen Perka, El Cerrito City Council

Run dates: 2000-02-07 - 2000-03-07

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